UICM 5 – provisional program

Thursday, 24 September

Registration 9.00am
Opening of the conference 9.45am
TON DIJKSTRA (keynote lecture 1)

New trends in bilingualism: Extending BIA+ to sentence processing and word learning

Coffee break 11.30am
Evy Woumans

Effect of second language acquisition on cognitive development in preschool children

Haifa Alatawi

Bilingual children’s semantic-pragmatic comprehension of quantifiers

LUNCH 1.00pm
ANTONELLA SORACE (keynote lecture 2)

Linguistic and cognitive effects of bilingualism on pronominal use

POSTER SESSION (with drinks):

Kyriakos Antoniou & Napoleon Katsos (Does bi-dialectalism confer an advantage on children’s executive control skills?)

Sabrina Durante (The Role of Intonation in Irony Comprehension in French native speakers and Italian-French late bilinguals)

Francesca Foppolo (Executive functions in monolinguals in the process of becoming bilinguals)

Kirsten Van den Heuij,  Ryanne Francot, Elma Blom & Leonie Cornips (Does dialect obstruct the acquisition of Dutch vocabulary by young children?)

Isabelle Lorge (Exploring the communicative skills of bilinguals: A study of listener-directed speech features)

Marie Philippart (The development of socio-pragmatic skills of young bilingual children)

Alma Veenstra, Kyriakos Antoniou, Napoleon Katsos & Mikhail Kissine (Cognitive and linguistic development in bilinguals and bi-dialectals)

SUE FLETCHER-WATSON (keynote lecture 3)

Bilingualism in Autism: hindrance or help?

End Day 1 6.00pm
Conference dinner 7.30pm


Friday, 25 September

Coffee 9.30am
NAPOLEON KATSOS (keynote lecture 4)

Pragmatics in the interfaces

Coffee break 11.30am
Katarzyna Jankowiak

Bilingual metaphoric language comprehension: An ERP study

Evelyn Bosma

Language balance and cognitive advantages in Frisian-Dutch bilingual children

LUNCH 1.00pm
ISTVAN KECSKES (keynote lecture 5)

Indirect reporting in bilingual language processing

Tatyana Levari

Ambiguity resolution in online sentence comprehension in monolingual and bilingual children

 Closing remarks 4.00pm
End of the conference 4.30pm
Sight-seeing walking tour 5.00pm



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